The Rules Regarding Medical Malpractice in Indiana

The Rules Regarding Medical Malpractice in Indiana

When it comes to medical malpractice lawsuits,the state of Indiana is not that much different from other states. However,there are a few exceptions to the standard laws. In Indiana,you will have two years from the date that you have discovered the malpractice in which to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor,healthcare professional or hospital with help from malpractice lawyer .

If you fail to do so within this two-year time limit,and if there are no challenges or restrictions that prevented you from discovering the malpractice,you give up your right to bring the medical malpractice lawsuit in a court of law.

Parents who intend on bringing medical malpractice lawsuits for children under the age of six years should contact a medical malpractice attorney Indianapolis anddo so before the child turns eight.

In the event that you are suing for $15,000 or under,your case will proceed as normal. Also,if you plan on bringing a lawsuit for greater than $15,000,you must first file a complaint with the medical malpractice review panel prior to taking the case to court. You will thereafter receive an opinion from the review panel and an extra 90 days in which to pursue your lawsuit.

In some cases,people file lawsuits under $15,000 and later on to realize that their case is worth much more. This is okay because you can drop the case and file a new one. If this does happen and you find yourself in the same situation,you will receive an extra 180 days in which to move forward with your medical malpractice lawsuit.

While some states impose no damage caps on the amount of compensation you receive for medical malpractice,Indiana is unfortunately not one of them. So if you file a medical malpractice lawsuit in the state of Indiana,you will not receive more than $1,650,000 at any point and time. These are the laws you will need to familiarize yourself with when it comes to medical malpractice in Indiana. For more info: medical negligence

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