Is It Smart To Plead Not Guilty In Traffic Court?

Is It Smart To Plead Not Guilty In Traffic Court?

Spending a day in traffic court is not fun by any means. However,it is something that has to be done if a person plans on fighting against a ticket handed to them. Pleading not guilty is an option many people end up taking,but is it the smart thing to do?
Any person pleading not guilty is essentially setting up a trial to try to fight against a ticket. This is really the only way to avoid paying any type of fine. However,there is a chance that the entire cost of the whole incident will be higher than ever.

When a person pleads not guilty,the court sets a date for the trial and subpoenas the officer who handed out the ticket. One way to beat a traffic ticket is to not have the officer show up on the trial date. If that happens,no fines are paid,and a person lucks out. That actually happens quite a bit,but it is risky to rely on that.

If the officer does show up,both sides present their side of the story. It is a pretty quick process,as a judge usually handles a lot of trials on the same day. Once they hear both sides,the verdict is handed down.

In most cases,traffic court violations come in the form of a fine. That might change if a person has a lot of different violations already on their record. The important thing to remember is that in trial,a person has to represent themselves extremely well to have a chance. That is why a lot of people end up either just paying the fine,or hiring a traffic violation lawyer to assist a bit. It is a risk pleading not guilty,but there are ways to be victorious in the end.

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